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1. oriented (adj.) adjusted or located in relation to surroundings or circumstances; sometimes used in combinatio violin definition: 1. a wooden musical instrument with four strings that is held against the neck and played by moving a bow across the strings 2. a small, wooden musical instrument with four strings that a player holds against his or her neck and plays with a bow (= stick with hairs attached to A fiddle is a bowed string musical instrument, most often a violin. It is a colloquial term for the violin, used by players in all genres including classical music.Although violins and fiddles are essentially synonymous, the style of the music played may determine specific construction differences between fiddles and classical violins Not: Exempelmeningarna kommer i huvudsak från svenska dagstidningar, tidskrifter och romaner. Händel: Passacaglia för violin och viola i arr.; Och även om cellon har bytts ut mot en violin så är likheterna mellan pjäsens Stephanie Wilson och verklighetens Jacqueline du Pré slående

Crwth definition is - crowd:3. Did You Know? Did You Know? Crwth is the Welsh name for an ancient Celtic instrument that is similar to a violin. In Middle English, the instrument's name was spelled crouth before metamorphosing to crowd, a word still used in some dialects of England to refer to a violin What is Carnatic Music?: It is the classical music of Southern India. The basic form is a monophonic song with improvised variations. There are 72 basic scales on the octave, and a rich variety of melodic motion Stroh Austria GmbH is an Austrian manufacturer of rum, especially spiced rums and high-proof rums used in warm drinks and cooking.The Stroh Rum brand is one of the best-known spirits from Austria [citation needed]

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  2. Bowing definition, the act or art of playing a stringed instrument with a bow. See more
  3. Die Violine oder Geige ist ein zu den Kastenhalslauten gehörendes Streichinstrument.Ihre vier Saiten (g - d 1 - a 1 - e 2) werden mit einem Bogen gestrichen (Coll'arco), mit der Bogenstange leicht geschlagen oder mit den Fingern gezupft ()
  4. Not: Exempelmeningarna kommer i huvudsak från svenska dagstidningar, tidskrifter och romaner. Två recercadas för viola da gamba solo spelas av Jordi Savall.; Österrikiska Eva Reiter spelar basblockflöjt och viola da gamba till elektroniska bearbetningar
  5. Spartan definition, of or relating to Sparta or its people. See more
  6. Voilà can be a presentative which introduces a visible noun or group of nouns and can mean any of the following: here is, here are, there is, there are. Technically, voilà only refers to things that are farther away (there is/are), while voici is used for close things (here is/are), but in reality voilà tends to be used for all of the above, except when a distinction between two objects is.

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